The following information reviews the power cycling process for modem and or routers.

Step By Steps

Power Cycling the Modem

1.      Close all applications that are active on the PC.

2.      Shut down computer.

3.      Remove power cord from modem power supply or unplug power supply from surge protector.


4.      Be aware that the round 9 pin connector on the back of the modem is not suggested to be removed for power cycling. This connection should remain connected at all times unless moving the modem.


5.      Next plug back in modem to power source and watch for the top two lights on the modem stop blinking & stay solid. This may take 1 to 2 minutes.


6.      At this time if you have a router you should be power cycling this unit the same way. Un-plug the router from its power source and wait 10-20 seconds and re-power the unit.



7.      Restart Computer.